Today I found this awesome website They sell these amazing tungsten rings for him. Unfortunately they do not have any rings for women.

What is tungsten?

One of the most poular bands they have in stock, Aaron the owner of the shop said that it sells like cupcakes. It’s the tungsten rose gold wedding band for men. And I now know the reason why its so popular. Studies in 2017 have shown that tungsten carbide is one of the hardest most durable metals on earth that can be worked with very easily. With that being said we have to keep in mind that gold is a very soft material and scratches easily, even silver is a soft metal. That’s a massive advantage for those men who work in trades, like carpenters, plumbers, roofers etc. Basically it requires very little maintenance. They come in different shapes and sizes and are so cheap. You can buy a nice ring for just under $150.

Now, the natural hard tungsten material colour is grey. Cobalt, the mineral that is used in light bulbs is very cheap.  And unfortuately every colour cover that comes on top of the grey will eventually scratch. But it still is more durable than real gold. And the good new is that they can be re-polished. So stop worrying!


What are the best styles to purchase?

Tungsten rings come in various styles, shapes and sizes. It can come polished or brushed. Can also be engraved with your name and your fiancee’s name. Some modern and sleek designs are available on the market at an affordable price. They also come with saphires, diamonds and other precious stones that can be attached to them like all the other wedding and engagement rings on the market. You have to remember that unlike gold, tungsten rings cannot be resized. If you add on weight you have two options. Either buy a new one or do not wear the ring at all!

Wedding Band Buying Guide?

You decided to surprise your better half. Before you dive in and make the purchase, get informed. Do some research online, ask your girlfriends, parents, and jewelers for advise. You might also want to mention the ring briefly to your girlfriend, maybe she can give you some hints on her taste and style. Do not get over excited and keep your budget in mind. Engagement rings can cost you as much as a car or even more. Some cost over $100,000. Make sure you know your girlfriend’s ring finger size because once you make the purchase, some shops do not give refunds. Here’s a guide that has some tips on how to find out her finger’s size –

Now that you got an idea of the popular tungsten ring, the next step is to propose to your loved one. However you decide to do it, the moment she says yes will be very emotional for both of you. Treasure that moment forever and good luck for your future together. One last piece of advice. Respect each other and treasure each moment together, have a lot of fun, lots of kids and try to avoide those arguments about insignificant stuff!