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Comparing Intel And AMD In 2020

The CPU Wars are finally heating up and no, I’m not just talking about Intel CPUs running stupid hot daddy.

This is Intel versus AMD in 2020. Let’s get to it. Intel has finally responded in what I would call a proper way to AMD’s Rapid consumer desktop superiority the Intel 10th gen CPUs from top to bottom present a far more attractive option to AMD options than they used to hyper threading is now enabled across the higher range except for seller runs, which is fine. Those are the lowest end. Anyways, no doubt. This is definitely response to the core and thread count superiority that AMD has developed with all that being said until is doing this still on 14 nanometer and I’m not sure how many plus signs there are at the end of that 14 anymore five.

Looking At The Costs

Anyways, let’s start from the bottom up shall we all prices are trade prices as far as the slides everyone has seen goal. Which means that They are both price per 1000 units expected single unit consumer prices are likely to be 20 to 30 dollars more the Pentium Gold Series coming in with two cores and four threads with the G 6400 having the cheapest price shown at $64. Needless to say, these won’t be these one really hold a candle to the $85 Rising 5 600 af6 core. So the valley to these is pretty low. Well at least for anyone wanting to use their PC for anything more than just basic office use The 10th gen stuff starts to shine is the entry-level I 3-Series long story short what used to cost in the 300 to 400 dollar range in the I 767 hundred and seventy-seven her decayed chips. Basically now exists desired threes for half the cost. It’s pretty crazy honestly.

Check Out The Specs

Well, not really but the drastic change that AMD bra on in a short amount of time to cause this that’s what is at the bottom. We have the i3-10100 4-core 8-thread CPU with the base clock of 3.6 gigahertz and the Turbo 4.3 on a single core four cores and 8 threads is still absolutely enough for a rock-solid gaming computer and enough even for some basic game streaming to if you lean on something like and think this CPU coming in at $122 with the final Consumer Price probably landing around 150 will be Intel shining gem in the budget sector from there the speeds and prices go up but there doesn’t appear to be an unlocked variant the final price of the fastest clock I3 the 10 320 will put it too close to the right. Five six core. So its value starts to go down a lot moving up the stack one more Notch we get into the six core 12 thread I5 CPU range. Basically, these are I 780 700k CPUs with and without the k for over $100 less only two generations later. Ouch, depending on where the price is land on the lock cheaper version. These actually might be very competitive in the market with the Ryzen 5 CPUs, though with those cheaper ones coming in between 157 and $262 before consumer cup, so think like 185 285 probably moving up the stack again. We come into the former Top Dog range the i7s this part hurts.

What used to be an i9-9900 K is now an i7-10700 or 10700K or KF or just F for probably a hundred dollars cheaper than a 9900k ever was. 8 cores, 16 threads on Intel might be as cheap as 320ish dollars with the most expensive 8-core probably landing around $395. Finally we reached the i9 range at the bottom is the 10900F then the 10900 then the KF then the K. Just a reminder, F means no integrated graphics, which means no quick sync or backup graphics for troubleshooting which translates to lower value for your money. These are not the AMD effect strikes yet again pushing these CPUs to 10 cores and 20 threads if you’re an ex 99 user and got a 7900X, 9900x or to 10900x and didn’t need the extra PCI Lanes rip your wallet my estimated final Consumer Price. These will land at will probably be about 450 for the 10900F at the bottom then around up to five hundred twenty dollars for the big dog time 900k at the top.

Going Toe-To-Toe

Anyways, long story short with these new 10-core consumer i-9s and the unlocked i7s they can turbo up to and past 5 gigahertz depending on the skew also. It seems in toes producing an AMD processor. Engine boost overdrive competitor with something new called thermal velocity boost only available on the i-9s from what I gather this will pick the best course look at some other variables which will probably be temps and voltage and turbo them even higher up to five point three on a single core or 4.6 24.9 depending on skew on all cores what I like about this is that enabling all these features can sort of eliminate the need to manually overclock like it does with AMD Ryzen. There will be situations where overclocking still Nets Set of results but it could be in the majority of tests that turning all the automatic overclocking functions is so close to almost as good that you might as well not even bother. I like that.

So here’s where the versus part comes in in my opinion, which current rise in CPU is the competitive alternative to the Intel current. Also including the Rising 3 the new Rosen 3 3000 Series Battle of the value quad cores I3 ten one hundred one hundred fifty dollar estimate goes up. The $99 Rising 3 3100 winner Ryzenn optional Winter Rising 5 600 AF for $85 if you can find it and can do what the little less FPS performance Battle of the mainstream 6 cores I 510 400f no igp, you know overclocking $185 estimated price versus rice and five thirty six hundred know I GPU hundred seventy-five $299 currently and overclockable winner rise and five thirty six hundred but by a narrow margin this time the i5 tends to come. Nerd K isn’t even worth considering with how much more expensive it is by comparison.

The extra hundred dollars better spent on a GPU Battle of the mainstream eight cores. Overclockable die 710 700k $395 estimated price value the i7 10700 m f $325 estimated price versus The Rise and 7:30 700x currently going on sale for about two hundred ninety five dollars winner Ryzen against the 10700 f a case can be made if you Just want to go Intel against the 10700k.

Well, that’s the thing. The only thing that you do is game and want the highest frame rates the rising winds, but if that’s the case, you’re probably better suited getting an i5 instead and putting the money savings to a better GPU Battle of the high-end consumer chips overclockable that I 910 900k 10 core $520 estimated price value and i-9 10900F 10-core $450 estimated price versus the Ryzen 3900X 12-core. Winner? Ryzen 3900X again unless the only thing you do is game and want the highest frame rates the Ryzenin wins. But again, if that’s the case then you might as well save the money and get it high seven or even the I-5 and put it towards the GPU if your streamer and want multitasking plus FPS I suppose a case can be made but it’s also hard to deny the extra multi-threaded performance of the 12-core third and hundred X touch only because it also gets really great FPS means something can be also said for the I rise in 939 50 x 16 core which games as good as their 3900 expert has even higher multi-threaded performance and it’s going to be real probably not too far off the cost of the nine ten core. All right, that was a lot of information.