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Tips On How To Write A Business Plan

If you’re thinking of starting a business, you should know how to write a business plan. It is usually observed that despite having a great startup idea most businesses are not successful according to Common statistics within the first five years of operation 90% of businesses fail and of the remaining 10% only 1 out of 10 businesses last past the first five years. So what makes some businesses fail while others prosper there may be several reasons including but not limited to poor customer service poor Logistics and cost management and inadequate product.

But the major reason is the lack of a business plan business plans help define goals and achieve them if you take out time to set concrete, but achievable goals and chart a plan to success it can help you realize your dream and make your business flourish. I have compiled an all-inclusive list of areas that need to be considered. Hurt while writing a business plan. These will help you in defining your goals and the path your business needs to take to achieve them.

Define Your Vision

When you start a business, you have a clear goal in mind, you know exactly what you wish to achieve with your business. However, after some time the clarity of your vision will become blurred and you’ll forget some of your brilliant ideas writing down your vision for the company will help you define. I knit and moreover. It will help your staff identify with the mission all daily activities of the business can then be aligned with your vision for the business. This should be the first step of writing a business plan.

Set Your Goals And Objectives For The Business

never assume that your goals need to be small to accommodate your limitations think big clearly Define your short-term goals the ones that you wish to achieve within 12 months.

Midterm goals those that will take between two to three years and long-term goals consider all aspects such as the revenue you wish to generate number of outlets. You want the number of customers you need in your database the target population and age groups as well as the amount of passive incomes that needs to be generated in future.

Define Your Unique Selling Proposition

What is it about you that is different from the crowd? Your unique selling point or USP will make you more attractive to potential customers. How was your product or service different from others in the market? It could be anything from additional services to personalized customer service.

You can even offer them better after sales warranty and support while writing a business plan. You just need to highlight the extras that your customers are getting from you to make your business stand out.

Know Your Market

It often happens that you have a brilliant idea, but someone else has already started a business with a similar plan. This is a very common occurrence, but you should not let this stop you how many petrol stations are there several businesses can provide the same service and still survive as the marketplace is huge and it can sustain multiple businesses. But for this you should know your market like the back of your hand research and find out how many competitors you have. What services they offer. For what are the current and future trends of the industry know the larger picture are there certain benchmarks that can be used to gauge your business performance such as gross turnover profit margins, etc. Once you know the inner workings of the market you can manipulate them in your favor. This is an important part of learning how to write a business plan.

Know Your Customer

This goes without saying customers are the most important part of any business. And you should know the customers your business caters to today customers are spoiled for choice and they have thousands of options for every product. So if you want them to buy your product, you should know what your ideal customer wants. This is the reason why you need to define your target populations and research their habits while writing a business plan understanding the motivation behind customer’s actions can make your business successful. You can focus on the areas that grab your customer’s interest.

Stop wasting energy on the rest put yourself in their shoes. And then think what would make them choose you each time write down the ideas and Implement them

Research The Demand For Your Business

You must have studied the demand and supply curve. Even if you haven’t it stands to logic that there should be ample demand for your product find out the demand before investing in a new business. The basic rule is the man. Should be more than Supply if this holds true for your Market your business will thrive but if the demand is less than the supply your business will eventually die out. So do your homework and gather as much information as you can you can do a secondary search right from your home over the Internet or your Public Library. You can even visit government offices for this information. But by far the best option is primary research where you directly interact with your target audience to know their preferences and how ready they are to buy your product. So hit the road and note down all the interesting ideas. You get to increase the demand be smart. And invest your life savings only after ascertaining that there is a demand for your product

Set Your Marketing Goals

So you have finished the research and defined your business Vision the next step in writing a business plan is setting up marketing goals. These are those goals that Define How your product would look like what it will cost how you’ll distribute it and the ways in which you could promote it most businesses do plan this but they neglect the most important areas.

You should set up measurable marketing goals that will help achieve your primary business objectives questions, like the number of products. You’ll sell what will be your product development strategy your price margins delivery methods and promotion plan should be duly considered when you ask yourself these questions they will Hope to find the goals for marketing your business.

Define Your Marketing Strategy

Now that you have your marketing goals, you need a plan to achieve them how many products you need to produce and sell and at what profit margin so as to get your desired Revenue, what will be your system of delivery and your coverage area what will be the strategies to promote your business the media that you will use be very specific as these will translate to actions and your ultimate success or failure plan for every Quality while writing a business plan. This is a very vital step of writing a business plan. So acquaint yourself with it so that you can easily navigate through each point.

Take Action

And of course without action. All else is a waste. This is the most important part of writing a business plan. You can plan all you want. But unless you do the actual work and bring customers to your storefront, you won’t learn anything even if you find that according to the business plan, your idea isn’t viable don’t give up.

There are thousands of other ideas out there and you can ultimately find one. Suits you if you wish to be wealthy healthy and happy there is a business waiting for you to grab it your business plan will provide the direction and focus but you will need to take the first step writing a business plan isn’t difficult. If you know what you should focus on you now have an idea of what is important and how you should tackle the task of writing a business plan and you are now better equipped to start a successful business start your research today jot down. Down all those brilliant ideas set your goals Define a path and don’t let anyone stop you now, you know how to write a business plan and the manager for success is in your hands make the best of it.

Advantages of a Professional Telephone System for Small Businesses

A phone system is a multi-line systems typically used in enterprise environments, including systems from small key systems to large-scale private sector. The one for business is different from simply using multi-line phones available for the use of multiple “stations” in the system, and that such a system offers many additional management capabilities related calls. Such systems are often classified as key systems, hybrid systems and PBX.

Advantages & Features

When calls are made to the business outside of office hours, messages can be stored within the system and an employee or employees can pass these messages at a later date and deal with all the messages so that none get lost. Caller ID is a simple tool that identifies calls from numbers known or unknown, which is a very useful feature in a busy environment.

In some systems, you can store these unknown numbers in your contacts once you’ve made, the caller. This makes it much easier to call existing contacts.

These phone systems can be custom made to accommodate the unique needs of the company. A variety of systems sizes are available for any company including such features like like VOIP. This helps you cut the costs when it comes to local and international calls which can be useful if you are a business in Malta but calling clients in other countries such as the United States.

These telephone systems have become part of the lifeblood of every business, no matter how large or small. To survive in today’s fast-paced business world, it can seem to be so hard for any business to operate unless it adopts the latest innovations of the communications technology.



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There are many types of such systems available, hence, a needs assessment is performed by a professional to aide you in selecting the perfect system, so, some characteristics may be worse for your organization and you will also want to investigate the scalability of a system as your business grows.

Another useful feature is Call holding. This is used to place a caller on hold whilst you complete another task. This could be to find sheet work, look up the caller’s details and information before speaking to them or contact another colleague whom the caller wishes to speak to.

Call waiting features let you know when there is a caller on the line who wishes to speak to you when you are already using the telephone. There are usually lights which flash or tones which beep to let you know there is a caller waiting.

Teleconferencing features enable others (more than two people) to hold a conference’ style conversation over the telephone. These are now often enhanced with video imaging equipment via a computer.

Case Study

Simona runs Done & Dusted, a medium sized cleaning company in the UK. Although she is the owner of the company, she did a lot of the cleaning herself along with around a dozen staff. Prior to implenting a proper phone system, the website just listed her own personal mobile number which was often switched off as she was usually out at clients houses.

Also, because it was a personal mobile the answerphone message was not geared towards the business and many callers would simply hang up without leaving a message.

Now, Simona has invested a small sum into a proper business line which has an answerphone message just for the business. All calls are recorded along with the phone numbers so even if a caller does not leave a message, Simona can still see the number that made the call and follow up

How to Make a Business Plan That Works

A business plan should be designed to be your roadmap to a successful business, and have the dream of what you want your business to be, but also be realistic. Many business plans are written and never looked at again. So how can you make a business plan that it useful and that will work for you? A business plan is used to get investors, and to give you guidance. One important thing to remember is that a business plan is a moving target. Circumstances may change, and new ideas will sprout. The key is to keep updating and evolving your business plan to reflect your current situation.

A business plan is not something that can be written in an evening. It should be well researched, thought out and discussed. Are your plans attainable? Do you have immediate and long term goals? Writing down notes, outlines, and drafts can help shape and mold your workable business plan.

What are the parts of a well drafted business plan?

You should be able to find many examples of well written business plans online. You can also find an entrepreneur mentor who has successfully utilized their business plan and ask to see it as an example. Most business plans are formatting similarly, with well researched information provided.

  • The executive summary – This is the overall outline of the business plan. Although this is the first thing someone will read, it should be written last as it is a summary of all the contents within your business plan. Be clear in your summary about what you want and what you are looking for. If this was the only thing an investor will read, what do you need them to know?
  • The business description – Include a basic description of the industry in which your business will function. What does the future of this industry look like, and how will your business play a part in that future? Provide abundant information on all the possible markets within such industry, including any new products or developments that will have any kind of effect on your business.
  • Your marketing strategies – Deep research must be done in order to accomplish this section in a respectable manner. A meticulous market analysis is necessary. This forces you to become familiar with all aspects of the market which in turn will let you define the target market. This will help you know how to increase and gain sales from the very beginning. For example when I was drafting the business plan for Greenr airport transfer company together with Fabien the director, we found out that 60% of the customers looking for a cab do so an hour before you actually need it. So an Online booking system was a must.
  • A competitive analysis – Do you know who your competitors are and what are their strengths and weaknesses within your market? What will give you an advantage? What will be your barriers to entering the market and how do you plan on combating them? This section is important to be aware of prior to opening your business.
  • A design and development plan – This section provides investors, and yourself, with a description of the product’s design. It explains the development of the product within the context of production, the marketing while creating a development budget. What will it take for you and your company to reach its goals?
  • An operations and management plan – Your business is more than just the product. How will you run your business’ functions on an ongoing basis? This will explain the logistics, including responsibilities of management, who is in charge of what, and the money required to make it all happen.
  • The financial factors – This is where all the numbers go. Your personnel numbers, overhead expenses, capital requirements table, cost of good table, and other financial aspects of your business.
  • Licenses – One must also take into consideration the paperwork and fees involved to get a license or to open a company. When we were drafting the plan for Krofork, an igaming company in Malta, we found out that the Malta online gaming license process will take up to eight months. What that means is that we had capital in the bank sitting there while we waited and waited!

This is just a basic overview of how to create a business plan that works. There are more details required for each section. Again, this plan is a moving target. As situations change, your business plan should change with it. The information you research for your business plan is just as much for your benefit as it is for getting investors involved.

Knowing what you are getting into beforehand can make the difference between a successful business, and one that needs to begin start over. Someone who writes a business plan will be more likely to research markets, prepare projections, and be more likely to follow through with their plans. There are many books and resources online to begin writing and researching your business plan as soon as possible to make your dream a reality.