Web Design and Hosting Lesson in Portland Maine

Everyone know what website design is all about, so today we are going to talk more about hosting!

Hosting – What is it?

Hi everyone, the first thing we are going to do is run through some terminology and explain how the process of setting up a website works and what hosting is. Understanding the terminology and basics of how a website works will make your life much easier when it comes to setting everything up. There are hundreds if not thousands of hosting companies out there. https://www.afterfivebydesign.com/hosting/ is one of them.

So let’s talk about hosting, before you ever create a website you need to have somewhere to host it. What this basically means is having physical space where your website is saved. Just like you have files saved on your computer, your website will be saved as files on a computer or “server” that is owned by your hosting company. This server is always connected to the internet and is what people connect to when they want to see your website. When you set up your hosting account you’re essentially renting some space on a server that you will upload your website to, that others can then access to view your site.

Setting up a hosting account for you website

Now that you understand what hosting is let’s create an account and get set up. The hosting site we use and our personal favorite is blue host. The reason that we like blue host so much and recommend it is its ease of use with WordPress which is the software we will use to build your site. WordPress is hands down the best place to build a website as it has many different integrated design options.

Hosting starts as low as $1 per month and WordPress is completely free. You can get with blue host or check out other popular hosting companies such as Go Daddy, Host Gator, Name cheap etc. There are many different hosting companies that offer very affordable hosting. The more you pay the better service obviously. However, you can easily get something worthwhile within the $5 range. Do not overthink this, hosting is just where you are going to store your website. Just find a well-known company and go with it.

Next we will choose our domain name, this just means your web address. I recommend using the name of your business, if this isn’t available take a moment and think of something else that you like the sound of. Remember that your domain will represent your brand. You will also use this domain to host your email address, so please choose wisely. This domain will be tired to you for the duration of your business, so it has to be something that sounds good. Don’t go for complicated names or extensions, try to get a .com and move on.

Finally, I really recommend the domain privacy protection. The reason I recommend this is that without it when you create your site all of your information will go into a public database and the one time I didn’t do it I started to receive a lot of spam email and phone calls and the 99 cents per month to me is worth avoiding that. Web design companies try to sell you hosting at a premium where you can get it at a fraction of the cost. After five by design portland maine has a cheap hosting service to all it’s website design clients. The cost starts from like $10 a month! So its worth checking these guys out located in Portland Maine


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